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08 July 2009
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I did some research on the old beer bottle mentioned in the previous post.


According to the Society for Historical Archaelogy's bottle dating guide (see Question #2), the fact that the bottle has a seam that does not extend through the "finish" (mouth) indicates that it was handmade (mouth-blown). Typically that means pre-1915, too.


The bottle has a faint "S B & G Co" embossed along the base. That marking was used by the Streator Bottle and Glass Company of Streator, Illinois from 1881 until 1905, when they merged with another company.


Its ceramic cap is a Hutter stopper (looks just like the cylindrical one in the photo halfway down). They were invented in 1893 and used until 1920, when Prohibition began. 1893 also happens to have been the year when Pabst's main beer won the "America's Best" prize at the World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago and was renamed "Pabst Blue Ribbon."

So, hand-made between 1893 and 1905! My house's land was purchased by Franklin Steele from the federal government in the 1850s, and was part of larger parcels from then until 1927, just before the house was built. Perhaps the bottle was reused for a couple decades before being discarded by one of the first occupants of the new house. Or maybe it was tossed into a farm's junk pile around the turn of the century.

Awesome, nice close up. I got a 3 mp camera, but it doesn't do closeups very well.
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