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01 December 2007
  a new drink for the people
Lately I've been experimenting with food, blending some ingredients out of curiosity. A canned veg chili turned out to be bland, so I stirred in some peanut butter to give it a richer flavor; another day I brewed a pasta sauce based on NYF and miso paste when I ran out of tomato sauce. And as I sit here I'm sipping a drink I've invented to quench the people's thirst. The recipe:


1 part orange juice
1 part soy milk

If your initial reaction to this is revulsion, I don't blame you. Its constituents don't immediately strike one as two beverages that complement one another, but it is a delicious mixture. It's sweeter than expected, even dessert-like. Try it if you dare. Rice milk, human milk, or cow milk can be used as substitutes for soy milk if necessary.

The plant population in my apartment continues to climb. Last weekend I picked up a 5-foot Norfolk pine to inhabit the corner of my living room that has already mysteriously slain two other trees. This one looks like Christmas but originated in the South Pacific.

My mom gave me an Amaryllis bulb which has already begun to sprout:

I've also gotten three new types of seed to germinate: date palm, kaffir lime, and pomegranate. The limes are just starting, the dates have sent out radicles but no shoots, while the pomegranates are up and in the sun:

A picture from today of the east half of my little window garden:

A couple weeks ago, the croton was blooming:


Watching the YouTube/CNN Republican debate this week, I appreciated seeing McCain put Romney to shame on the issue of torture. I fundamentally disagree with the GOP platform and would despair to see any of these candidates end up in the Oval Office, but McCain is dead-right on this issue.


Doesn't OJ curdle cow milk?
I know Surge will curdle milk, but thats not really on topic.
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