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16 September 2007
  icy bliss

The sharp drop in temperature last week felt surprisingly perfect to me. The bracing air against my face outside and the chill permeating my apartment were more exhilarating than a freak 70-degree day in March. Thoughts of Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas kept running through my mind. It was a powerful, almost emotional response, and I wasn't sure why I was experiencing it.

It occurred to me that it could be related to the fact that I missed all of autumn and winter here last year while I was abroad, but at first I didn't think it could be that since I was in cold places during my trip, too. But now I think that actually it is the pleasure of the arrival of fall at home that I missed last year. Feeling frigid air indoors, but knowing that colder air presses against the windows, and also that warmth in the form of blankets and thick socks (and radiators) is available if needed. Seeing one's surroundings slowly changing with the sun's southward retreat. It's another kind of pleasure from that of riding a bus into high altitude and an abruptly different climate. And it doesn't come with the background uncertainty of being a foreign transient.

Today I gathered together the plants I've grown from seed for a group picture.

Click the picture for a larger version with the different sorts labeled. From left to right they are lemon, apple, papaya, and grapefruit. But today I gave away the ones in the small pots.

I've been enjoying a TV series on YouTube called We Need Girlfriends. Here's the beginning (it does get better after the first couple of episodes though):


You have awesome plant skills. I couldn't even keep my ficus from Ikea alive. I even transfered it to a new container, but when it died, I checked the roots and it was still in the same shape as when I replanted. I guess I should have tried to break up the root ball more.
Thanks, but I think a lot of it is luck. I've had two ficus and neither one did well ...
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