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05 August 2007
  the bridge
The horror of last Wednesday is still sinking into the city. It's hard to accept that it happened right here, and on a route used frequently by so many of us. I'm thankful that no one I know was affected, but feel for the victims and their families. From the building where I work, we can see the twisted north end of the bridge projecting into the sky two miles away. On my lunch break on Thursday, I walked as close as I could, which was the hill in Gold Medal Park next to the Guthrie. There were hundreds walking around and trying to take in what had happened, but not much is visible from where people are allowed to be.

Via the Guardian I found these amazing pictures taken by someone who lived very close to the bridge and got to the scene shortly after the collapse. You can even see some of the drivers escaping from the wreckage. And this video, taken from the 10th Avenue bridge before it was shut down, is one of the most detailed views of the totality of the wreckage that I've seen:

On a sunnier, but somewhat less notable subject, my plants are doing okay. I did have a canela tree succumb to some sort of disease, and have replaced it with a ficus alii. I finally routed the spider mites that were devastating my croton, by scrubbing all of the leaves with a wet washcloth and then dousing it with 1:1 rubbing alcohol / water (35% sol) from a mister. They'll be back, but I'll be waiting. ;)

The lemons are still going strong, and I've transferred them into larger shared pots so their tap roots have some room to stretch out. Meanwhile I've added grapefruit and papaya seedlings to the family, but have given up on the mango seed and haven't seen anything from the avocado pit yet.

Closest and farthest: lemons. Brown pot: grapefruit. On the right: papayas.

From left to right in the foreground: croton, jade, rhipsalis. Two more lemons on the windowsill, waiting to go to new homes in Longfellow and Indiana.

Here's why you don't mess with (or even express curiosity toward) kittens when mama is near:

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