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11 July 2007
In the last few weeks I've been experimenting with growing plants from seeds right out of fruit from the store. I started in mid-June, planting lemon seeds in one pot, kiwi seeds in another, and putting avocado and mango pits in water (the last using the water & toothpicks method). I wanted to do limes too but my lime had no seeds. :(

The first success I've had has been with the lemons, which popped up about two and a half weeks later -- 10 little sprouts:

And here's how they look now (day 26):

The avocado wasn't doing much, and I read some comments from people who'd had success just planting them, so I transferred it to a pot. Does it make you hungry for chestnuts?

The mango's even less promising, not only not germinating but turning the water black every 24 hours. The seed itself had become almost entirely black with mold until I scrubbed it off a couple days ago. Good times.

Round two started a few days ago. Since the lemons worked, I planted some orange and grapefruit seeds in another pot. And after reading about how temperate fruits need a period of cold before germination so they can go through a process called stratification, I put a peach pit, a plum pit, four cherry pits, and six apple seeds to bed in some peat moss for a short winter in the fridge:

Hopefully in 6-12 weeks they'll be ready for planting, though I wouldn't put any money on it.

The latest video in the Will It Blend series: iPhone.


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