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09 May 2007
  shots fired
Last Friday night wound up being an exciting one despite the fact that I was just at my parents' house. My sister and her fiancé were in town for my cousin's wedding shower, and I went over to see them and my parents -- and to do some laundry.

When I pulled up there was a big crowd of teenagers in the school parking lot across the street, which I noticed but didn't think much of until about 20 minutes later, when we heard two gunshots in quick succession. Looking outside, we saw that the people were scattering, many jumping in cars and tearing off wildly. A few people ran by the house and raced past a minute later in two vehicles that actually collided as they sped off. The second one might have been chasing the first, because later it came back.

Soon a couple police officers showed up, and for awhile had their guns drawn. There were only a few people and cars left in the parking lot at that point. One of the cops crossed the street and started searching my parents' yard, since it turned out that that was where the gun was fired (apparently toward the people across the street). Several more police cars arrived then, and a broad area encompassing the front yard, the neighbors' yard, and the street (including my car) was taped off. Officers spent about another hour scouring the area for evidence before the forensics team arrived and picked up the bullet casing that was found on the sidewalk.

Luckily, it seemed like no one was hurt! Ok, I found this after watching Walk the Line again last night:


Thats freaky. Its lucky no one was hurt or anything. Damn punk kids. I blame Washburn for this :)
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