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20 May 2007
Plants had never done well under my care (esp. spathiphyllum, which is supposed to be easy), but when I started my current job I brought in a philodendron and it did ok. Since it sat right at my desk I never forgot to water it. I later added two schefflera arboricola and a pothos. The scheffleras were to screen off my cube from the adjacent elevators when we had low walls, but when they raised the walls I put them up on crates so that they protruded above and from a distance made it look like the place had been swallowed by flora. Meanwhile the two vines grew prodigiously and I helped them traverse walls and work their way down drop-offs.

Today I picked up three new plants for my apartment:

new plants

The closest one is a rhipsalas, the next is a jade, and the farthest is a croton. They're all supposed to like a lot of light so I'm hoping they'll do well in this south window. Whether they can be forged into a dynamic team whose skills compliment one another (and mine) remains to be seen, but for now the four of us will just focus on getting to know one another.

These guys did a nice rendition of this Built to Spill song:


I used to have both a Croton and a jade. The Croton likely died because I was gone just a little too long between waterings. The jade lasted about ten years (but I probably should have transplanted it, at some point!). :(
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